What is the warranty on MediLUME Products?

For a full overview of our warranty policies please visit our warranty page

Can I substitute an LED bulb for a halogen bulb?

It depends. In the case of some diagnostic bulbs for applications such as ophthalmoscopes or otoscopes, direct replacement LED alternatives are being introduced with success.

For other applications, such as microscopes or surgical lighting, the optics and reflectors of the fixture or equipment have been precisely engineered to work with a specific lamp/bulb making it unlikely that a direct plug-in LED alternative will be found to offer the same performance.

Do I have to be concerned about touching a xenon or halogen bulb with my bare hands?

It is never recommended to touch the lamps with bare hands. If this does occur the envelope or window must be wiped clean with an alcohol wipe. (A note of caution: always wait for the lamp to cool down before touching it)

My bulbs seem to be burning out very quickly. What would cause this?

There are a variety of causes for this to happen. Providing that the correct lamp is being used for the equipment, the 3 main contributors to short lamp life are:

  1. Temperature -too hot– (bad socket, blocked ventilation by dust or draping, inoperative cooling fan etc.)
  2. Vibration
  3. Voltage fluctuations.

Other possibilities are the operational time of the lamp. Short duty cycles (frequent on/off) will degrade the functional lamp life.

Should I follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to change a bulb at a certain number of hours even if it is still working well?

Manufacturers are careful to recommend usable lamp intervals which allow the equipment to consistently deliver optimum performance to the end-users

What does the term “rated life” of a lamp/bulb mean, and is the same as average life?

The “rated life” of a bulb signifies the length of time that a lamp will exhibit acceptable performance characteristics.

Average Life indicates when 50% of an identical group of lamps, run in controlled conditions, have burned out. A xenon lamp may have a Rated life of 500 hours and an Average life of 1000 hours

How long will a xenon light source lamp last for?

Depending on the lamp, the rated life is usually 500 hours and will correspond to the warranty period.

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