USHIO OEM-Like Replacement for Olympus CLV-190 and CLV-S400

XB-1817 bulb we offer is made by USHIO Japan. Coated with a silicon elastomer to reduce the possibility of ignition problems and re?ector breakdowns caused by arcing. It provides the best fit with the CLV-190’s heatsink vs lower cost competitive lamps.

Key Features:

  • From USHIO Japan (supplier to Olympus)
  • Same mechanical and optical design as OEM
  • 300W Xenon Lamp
  • Better colour rendering
  • More stable light output over life of the lamp
  • Full 500 Hour Non-prorated lamp warranty

*MediLume is not affiliated with Olympus and use of any product names or code is solely to illustrate physical and technical capability of a given lamp or module with the receptive equipment

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MediLume lamp for Olympus CLV-190 & CLV-S400